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Romancing Yourself All Month Long!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

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I dedicated all of February to Self-Romance and it was lovely! Before you think this is all about self-care and "treating yo self" let me clarify.

I decided to honor myself this month but also honoring the "me" I see in others too. So yes, there were some luxuriously long baths and some shopping, but I focused on some other things too:

  • Melanin Magic

  • Plant Loving

  • Crown Care

Melanin Magic

For Black History Month, I wanted to teach myself about little known history and celebrate the legacy of our ancestors by highlighting black creativity and black businesses.

First, I went shopping!

I wanted to support a few of my favorite black owned businesses: Black Girl Sunscreen, The Wrap Life, and Kintsugi Candle Company. I did a quick review of the companies to share with others interested in supporting a black business this month.

Then, I researched little known black history facts and was surprised to know how much I didn't actually know. Did you know that the first black owned business in Texas was a pottery shop? Started by freedmen, the H. Wilson & Co. Pottery business began production in 1869. They started a new style of pottery, experimenting handle designs and signing their pieces, which was never done before. They stood as strong examples of a successful life after slavery that didn't rely on sharecropping work. Of course this was deeply inspiring to me and reminds me that I am a part of a long line of black potters who carry on an ancient practice.

Or did you know that in 1940s, black residents could not visit the Fort Lauderdale beach until our ancestors staged "wade ins"? A dear friend of mine @DennicaPearl shared a lovely piece about the segregated history of our favorite local beach here in Fort Lauderdale. Dennica writes, "civil rights activists Dr. Von D. Mizell and Eula Mae Johnson led a series of wade-ins at white beaches and applied pressure on local government to desegregate the shores." I was so grateful to read her account of this because so often we take for granted the liberties we have now that were hard fought.

Plant Loving

My love of plants is eternal and it was so rewarding to spend the month giving my little ones some care. They desperately needed repotting and I was even able to reminisce on why I began my urban jungle journey in the first place.

Even before the move I wasn't able to give my plants the care they really needed. My old place was pretty shady and I was definitely looking forward to what I could do for my plants in the new space.

Crown Care

Most of you know I am a lazy natural, but this month I put a lot of energy into upgrading my hair products and giving my crown the care its been needing. I tried the vegan company Monat's hair line and I have been loving my results. These natural products have really opened up my mind to the ingredients I put in my hair and how critical it is to invest in products that actually will work. Its only been over a month since I really started suing it and already I am seeing more manageable, shiny hair with less split ends! This is a huge deal for me since I just cut 4+ inches of hair off back in December over dry and dead split ends. If you want more details on how these products have changed my wash day, check out my youtube video about it.

So while the month of love may be over, continue honoring yourself and others. Smooth your rough edges. Forgive but keep accountable. Speak good into your being, and-

Water yourself like you water your plants.

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