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  • Ceramics? Pottery? What's the Difference?
    Ceramic describes non-metal materials that are permanently changed with heat. If cared for properly, they can outlive us all. Think clay pots from the pyramids. Other examples are clay, glaze, diamonds or even cement! Pottery refers to the practice of making containers or pots from ceramic material. Sometimes it's also used to refer to ceramic figurines, vases, and plates too.
  • How long does it take to make a piece? What are the steps?
    It depends on the design. Larger pieces or those with intricate carvings and designs will take longer to create, dry, and be fired and finished. Most Khaos Creates wearables take about 2 weeks from start to finish, larger home accessories take 3-5 weeks, and sculptures can take 4-8 weeks. Steps: Design- The idea is sketched or a small sample or mock-up is made. Creation- Wet clay is molded, hand-built, wheel-thrown, carved, or sculpted into the desired shape. Drying- The wet design must slowly dry over time to avoid cracks. At this stage, dried clay can return to wet clay with the addition of water. Firing- Dried pieces are put in a kiln (special oven) to be fired over many hours at temperatures over 2,200 degrees Farenheit. Once fired, the clay is chemically changed and can never return to being wet moldable clay. It becomes extremely strong during this process. Decorating- Some pieces are painted with acrylic and some pieces are finished with glaze. Glaze is a liquid mixture of chemicals that can be used to color, decorate, make food-safe or waterproof an item. If a piece is glazed, it will need to be fired again. This produces the glass-like finish of most pottery. Acrylic painting and varnish is used to decorate the pieces that do not need to be food safe. Varnish seals the paint so it can last for years to come. Finishing touches may include sanding, adding jewelry pieces, or even specialty stamps.
  • Why are handmade pieces unique or even sometimes pricey?
    See the answer for how long and the steps it takes to make a piece. In all seriousness, these pieces were made by an actual person and not a machine. A person who spent years training and perfecting their skills, hours pouring their creative energy into ideas, losing sleep thinking of ways to improve designs, chasing perfectionism, shopping for expensive supplies, time photographing and promoting pieces, and packaging your item with care. All before it ever reaches your hands. No piece is like another. You truly have a one of a kind original even if you buy multiples. It is made to order and sustainable all in one.
  • What is your background and what clay do you use?
    I have 3 years of ceramics training from undergraduate school where I was an art student. I was an apprentice for a sculptor for a year and then started my own business afterward. I use various types of clay but most of my pieces are porcelain or stoneware. I will NEVER use polymer or air-dry clay as they do not stand the test of time, temperature, or humidity.
  • How are items shipped?
    We are commited to sustainability and will always seek to use recycled and recyclable shipping items when possible. Most large items will be double-boxed to avoid breakage. All items have a fragile notice to reduce mishandling. Please see the store policies for further details.
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