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I took 9 months off to have my pottery business baby! Mind you my business is over two years old but 2021 was all about establishing a solid brand identity and presence. I made my last post in March and pushed full steam ahead with Khaos Creates Ceramics!

Last year I started out feeling like I bit off more than I could chew. I had big plans but no clones and not enough time to accomplish it all. Who knew the shop would take off the way it did and I would barely have time to sleep!? While I'm grateful for all the strides I made with the shop, I missed writing.

So we're back in 2022 and much more focused on what's to come. My pottery baby is still very demanding so the scope of this blog will have to narrow so I can still have it all! The biggest change: CATEGORIES.



If you were a fan of full-length recipes, I'm sorry, but they are OUTTA HERE!

I barely have time to meal-prep, let alone record and share it. I will share recipes within blog posts but for now, I'll leave full recipes to the experts. Don't worry! Fitness is sticking around but it's moving in with Wellness, which is where it belongs anyway. My relationship with food and fitness developed from living with PCOS and using wellness to manage my symptoms. I think WELLNESS is the most fitting space to uncover all that chaos.


Let's be honest I rarely wear makeup and I don't see that changing any time soon so this category will become Hair & Fashion.

I started my online presence with a focus on plants, fashion, and natural hair. While my presence has evolved, most of my following still looks to me for advice in these areas. It's only right that I go back to my "roots". Will I go back to modeling? Will I dye my hair purple? You'll have to stick around to see.


An entirely new category, Boss-y will explore my trials as a business owner. I hope to share insights, failures, tips, and more; with the hope that I can help someone else navigate this. So if you ever wanted to know: How to start a business, How I run everything while working full-time, or even How to make money off a side-hustle, this is your category! Plus this will be a sneaky way for me to document my progress as well.


I might be a pottery mama now, but I will ALWAYS be a Plant Mama. Urban Jungle is going nowhere. Just a quick rebrand! Now called THE JUNGLE, this category will still showcase all my plant kiddies with some pottery sneak-peeks.

I learned so much last year but this year is about EXECUTION! Here's to applying our lessons to new challenges and seeing goals become REALITY.
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