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FEmpower Picnic! Celebrating Women's History Month

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! First let me say, I had an amazing time this past weekend celebrating the end of Women's History Month with some friends (new & old)!

This month I wanted to gather local female brand and business owners so we could collaborate, encourage, and enjoy each other. Truth be told, I got way more than I asked for. But that is usually the case with women, we enhance everything we touch. The original plan was for 10 of us, but 23 ladies showed up to join the festivities. While this was a lot for me to manage on my own and some planned "bougieness" had to get cut so everyone could participate, it was EPIC! Check out some of the highlights for yourself:

Now let's recap what we actually did!

We got acquainted and went to work on potential collaborations that could help each other get ahead. The ladies represented various industries, from education, art, and accounting to even sensual coaching! We chatted about obstacles we've faced as business owners, mothers, and caretakers. We shared tips on how to improve our brands and we advised each other on how to tackle some of the challenges we face everyday. The energy from this group of ladies was so positive, I couldn't believe it!

I was able make some interesting observations about this group of women. Most of us:

  • Work full time while pursuing our goals

  • Run at least two social media pages on a daily basis

  • Have had to become social media experts on our own

  • Have earned higher education degrees

  • Feel like imposters or doubt our abilities

  • Overwork ourselves and rarely ask for help

  • Have faced rejection, lack of support, or isolation in pursuit of our dreams

And as additional observation, all the artists rsvp'd late. What can I say? We are who we are and I love it. 😂 In all seriousness, I have to applaud these ladies because I could feel their passion and eagerness to build their legacies. We work hard and it shows! My only comment is that we've got to find ways to do more collective work. There's no doubt in my mind that each women in attendance is capable of going at it alone. However, we can go so much further together. Collective work also means we aren't hustling ourselves into the ground trying to do it all alone. (Note to self: Take your own advice.)

At the end of it all I am pleased to say that we left the picnic empowered, encouraged, and with new sisterhood. Still, I want to challenge all of us to put action behind our collaborative words. For the month of April, take one solid action to team up with your fellow lady brand owner. It could be an event, or working on your business cards together, or even being a customer! Let's do more than follow each other. Don't let that sisterhood energy wear off. You never know, we may have another #FEmpowerPicnic very soon and by then there will be no excuse.

You can support these ladies too!

Check out the Business Directory page for information about their individual businesses.

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Camille Daly
Camille Daly
Apr 04, 2021

This was BEYOND what I expected or imagined and I have to say—a dream come true! Life is truly not meant to be hustled alone and I look forward to seeing what this is going to blossom to! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


Ngozi Williams
Ngozi Williams
Mar 31, 2021

I can not wait to the next one honestly!! I am telling the world how amazing this event was!! My first FEmpower Picinc, and it won't be my last!

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