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I'm not going to lie, my nails during quarantine have been atrocious! Between working with clay and my general "who-cares-its-a-pandemic-outside" attitude, they've been neglected. Salons are all opened again but I just don't have enough courage to actually go.

This year I decided to do my nails at home. I did them myself all the time during college and I still have a huge collection from back then. Problem is, my art skills haven't exactly translated into nail art.

Despite that, this year I want to grow my soft, squishy, and brittle nails into long, strong, beautiful claws. I love how feminine long and slender nails look! Plus, I got really tired of paying someone else to drill, file, and damage my natural nails in order to put on chemical compounds that would make my nails weaker. I was inspired by @tiffanymbattle who has some of the best natural nails I've seen in a long time.

So I took her advice and ordered the Nailtiques Formula 2 nail protein strengthener and got to work! Here's a short collection of all of the lovely #diyfails from doing my nails myself.

I'll admit that I'm starting to get better at it but I won't be opening up a Khaos Nail boutique any time soon!


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