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Morning Person? Yeah Right! 4 Steps to De-Crank in the AM.

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Honestly, it takes me at least an hour to de-crank most mornings. I have legitimately been a night-owl and insomniac since the womb. My mom still complains about it.

This year, however, I really want to trade this unhealthy habit for a healthy one.

So I have created a morning routine that hopefully makes the mornings a bit easier. Check out my process:

Step 1. Set a bed time. Sounds counterintuitive but sticking to a bed time has helped me naturally wake up at a consistent time in the morning. There are a few sleep calculator apps that can help you figure out both a bed time and wake up time that should fit with the natural rhythm of your sleep patterns. I try to keep it around the same time for most days of the week to build up the habit.

Step 2. Start with joy. I love (LOVE) houseplants so I make it a point to spend some of the first few moments of my morning caring for my plant babies.* I get an immediate feeling of peace and happiness checking for new growth and watering the kiddies. Choosing a joyful activity like meditating, stretching, or watering plants gets you moving and sets a positive tone for the morning.

*I see you judging my pothos! Yes, it lives in a Crown Royal bottle be cause we recycle and reuse over here!

Step 3. Set the vibe. Another element of my morning joy is music. I used to wake to up a blaring alarm of Stromae's Ta Fete just to make sure I actually heard it and got out of bed. I've done it this way for years but typically I had probably just gone to bed maybe 5 hours before the alarm went off. Then I realized maybe harassing my auditory system first thing in the morning was contributing to my grumpiness. These days (literally these last 3 weeks), I wake up to lighter, less-aggressive tunes like Cherry by Jungle. Setting an easy-going vibe with music really helps me warm up to the idea of being awake so early (8 am).

Step 4. Reward yourself. Ok so I'm up, the plants are watered, and maybe I've done some yoga stretches. Then I do something I can only truly enjoy in the morning; I brew some french vanilla chai tea. Sweet Chai Goodness! Its the only tea I add sweetener to and is the one treat I set aside for myself in the morning. Setting a reward like that first cup of coffee or a warm shower gives you something to look forward to in your morning routine. It's like giving yourself a pat on the back for doing all the other boring morning tasks like checking the news or flossing.

These changes may seem simple but they really make an impact for me; plus the people in my household are thankful! I am well on my way to being a reformed insomniac. Better mornings help me face frustrating days with a little bit more grace and a lot less irritability.

If you're anything like me, try some of these out and let me know how they work for you. I want to know if I stumbled onto something or I'm just way behind.

Until next time: love, peace & khaos.❤️☮️⚡️

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