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Impatiently Waiting on Spring!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Who let March come back after how she behaved last year? This month officially marks a year since most of us in the U.S. went into quarantine and lockdown.

I am personally ecstatic about March because not only is it Women's History Month, it's also the official start of Spring! This month we're welcoming all of that fresh, new, feminine energy!

Now hear me out- I'm still in quarantine and masking up but the promise of Spring is my exciting excuse to plant seedlings, wear obnoxious floral dresses, and escape chilly weather. The best part is we get to celebrate the power and resilience of all things female.

Kicking the month and season off with International Women's Day on March 8, 2021 was the encouragement I needed to continue working towards my 2021 goals. This year's charge of #ChooseToChallenge, calls on us ladies to keep pushing towards gender equality and to celebrate the power we have as women. I take that initiative to heart! My entire brand identity is about encouraging women to use their life's chaos to create. We are transformative beings with the innate ability to evolve whatever we put our energies into.

After seeing all the support for IWD on social media, I have to say, I was extremely proud to be a woman on Monday. My plan is to carry that energy throughout March. I'll even be hosting my first KC Women's Empowerment Picnic at the end of the month.

Spring is all about feminine energy! It's a transformative and fertile period for nature where new life starts pushing out. This is the time that I get busy repotting and planting seedlings, so my weekends will be filled doing much of that. I'm mostly excited about the windowsill garden I'll be starting so we can have fresh herbs to cook with in the kitchen. More to come on that soon!

One of my favorite things to about spring is the weather and of course the fashion that comes with it. It took me forever to realize how amazing spring dresses are and now I have a collection. But before I go shopping, I've got a little spring cleaning to do. It's time to clean out all the old, donate the unused, and repurpose what I can. I like to clear out anything I haven't worn in at least two years and if I can't do that, it automatically becomes "studio-wear". I'm not ashamed to say I hoard old t-shirts and those t-shirts are perfect to play with clay in. Speaking of spring cleaning- I also clean out the studio and gather any unsold pieces to discount them for sale. You can see more on the Spring Cleaning Sale page.

These past few months in Florida have been unseasonably chilly and so I'm excited for spring to bring warmer and longer days. This not only means spring dresses and picnics, but also outdoor exercise!

In order to stay consistent, I have to trick myself into working out sometimes. This month I've chosen rollerblading and yoga as my 'fun-datory' exercises. I think both of these activities are some of the most feminine exercises their are and they really help me appreciate just how strong and capable women are.

So this month I will be committing fully to the feminine energy that comes with Spring. I will be supporting 3 new female-owned businesses, planting an indoor herb garden, dusting off a few florals, and working on my fitness outside!

I'm challenging you to do the same!


Shout out to March and Spring for bringing this feminine energy back!

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